An easy, stress-free
way to work.

We know you'd rather not...

Open folder after folder to find a document you need

Check with everyone one by one so you can set up a meeting

Lose important information

We've got you covered!

With each of the cloud workspaces we offer, you can:

Easily chat, email and call your colleagues

Check your colleagues’ calendars, send meeting invites and join meetings.
All without typing a single email. 

Keep all your work secure in the cloud

Google Workspace

Do all your work in your browser, without ever having to install or update any programs. 

Microsoft 365

Use the world’s most popular office suite, with great new apps for seamless collaboration.

Zoho Workplace

Enjoy the full value of a world-class cloud workplace – at half the price.

Why Cloud IT?

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Certified technical staff, available 24/7

Our support team is always working to keep you at your productive peak.

Training that's targeted to your business needs.

We’ll show you how your cloud workspace fits hand in glove with the tasks you do.

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Custom workflows and integrations

We’ll integrate your workspace with other apps you use. And if you need a new app, we’ll build that too!

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Tax-inclusive, local currency billing

Pay through your preferred payment method, without worrying about exchange rates.

Group 60
Continuous customer service

We’ll ensure your work environment is always in step with your growing business.

Need something a little more specific?


Setting a uniform email signature for your whole team can be a nightmare! Well, unless you have our signature management tool. Then it’s a breeze.

Thinking about automating something else? Let us know!

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More cloud solutions

Application hosting. Virtual machines. Containerization. Identity management. Machine Learning. 

If it’s available in the cloud, we’ll do it for you, and give you top-notch support for as long as you’re using it.

Software Development

Are you thinking about creating an app to make your work easier? 

We build lots of apps, from CRMs to inventory management apps. Let us know what you have in mind, and we’ll make it happen.

We serve awesome clients!

Success Stories

“It changes the culture of work, because work has become less formal and more productive.” 


“With the pandemic many of our school parents were faced with highly reduced incomes. Having transitioned to a fully online school, we are no longer faced with costs such as maintenance of facilities, bus transport and utilities. These formed 40% of the school fees. We have since passed this down onto the new fees, and are seeing more and more parents being able to afford this.”


Do amazing work, wherever you are.