Embracing the Cloud: The Story of NuPEA

The Nuclear Power and Energy Agency is a State Corporation established under the Energy Act 2019. It is responsible for promoting and implementing Kenya’s Nuclear Power Programme, carrying out research and development for the energy sector.

By creating and implementing a data integration plan, Cloud IT worked with NuPEA to reduce downtime and increase collaboration across all its regional offices.

The challenge

The previous mailing platform was hosted on-premise. This resulted in multiple downtimes, especially at a time when constant communication between NuPEA and its stakeholders was extremely important. Moreover, it was difficult to collaborate efficiently across all their regional offices.

The solution

We first created Google Workspace accounts for all staff. Thereafter, we migrated all the data from their old system to their new system and gave them in-depth training on how to use the new system. We also provided 24/7 support to the team.

The results

Within a month, the acceptance rate of the new system was over 95%. NuPEA no longer experienced downtime. Also, staff working from anywhere in the world were able to easily collaborate on projects. Finally, automating meeting invites and confirmations made it easier to hold meetings, even remotely, with Google Meet.

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