More Cloud Solutions

Secure your data. Host your app. Even do some machine learning. Reach out to us to see the many ways the cloud grow your productivity, at a fraction of your current cost.

Cloud Backup & Disaster Recovery

Keep your backup always up to date, stored in the most secure servers in the world. If your server fails for any reason, you will automatically be switched over to the cloud in minutes! This will keep the impact on your business at a minimum.

Website / App Hosting

Have an application you’d like to host? Take advantage of managed services available in the cloud. With this, you can pay only for the time your app is running, billed per second. You can also scale automatically upward or downward, ensuring you only pay for what you actually use.

Compute, Networking and Identity Management

You can move your software, network rules and whole setup to the cloud. This will halve your operating expenses. It will also enable you to control user access globally, so you can set rules in one place that govern data access across your organization.

Need something else?

We’ve only listed here the most common applications, but we’ll be happy to set you up on the cloud – whatever your need! Simply start a chat by clicking the button at the bottom corner of the screen.