Software Development

Do you need a feature that’s not available in your cloud workspace? Would you like a full desktop, mobile or web app? We will develop the right solution for you. And, as with the rest of our cloud solutions, we’ll keep your costs at a minimum.

Pay only for what you need.

We’ll first check to see whether we can build on top of what you already have. If not, then we’ll create for you a full app. Either way, we will ensure it integrates as well as possible with your current infrastructure. 

1. Add-ons

As partners of Google Microsoft and Zoho, we build add-ons to extend the features of their platforms. 

These include email signature management, user management, data loss prevention and much more.

2. Custom workflows

Often, the functionality you need can be attained by combining the functions of various apps in your cloud workspace. Using PowerApps and PowerAutomate (Microsoft), AppSheet and AppScript (Google) and Zoho Creator, we can create custom workflows for your team.

3. Full application development

If existing solutions don’t meet your need, we will create for you a brand new app. The app will use the most performant and cost-efficient cloud technologies available, and can be mobile, desktop or web.