Software Development

If the available solutions don’t quite meet your business requirements, we will make you a full web, desktop or mobile app to perfectly fit your team’s needs.


Let's save you some money.

To make sure you get the best possible value for your IT spend, we have a three-step process:

1. Traning – we’ll give your team thorough training, so they understand all the features available to them in their work environment. Typically, we have found that most organizations only use less than half of the features available to them.

2. Add-ons and custom workflows – If the functionality you need is not available, we develop custom solutions on top of your existing system. These solutions are built to work with your existing user accounts and data sharing policies, saving you time, money and the hassle of integration.

3. Software development – If you need a full application, our able team of designers and developers will create you a fast, fluid app that meets your requirements.

Inventory Management System

We created an inventory management system for a Kenyan electronic waste recycling and management company. The project included desktop and mobile applications, with the backend hosted on the cloud. It allows for categorization of the electronic waste. 

We also created a real-time dashboard, where authorized users could use insights from the information to make data-driven decisions.

Custom CRM

One of our clients, a leading bank in East Africa, required a solution to help the team keep track of meetings set with clients and prospects. 

We built this for them, and integrated it with Google Workspace to send alerts via Gmail and add schedule meetings on Google Calendar. This made it easier for staff to set up and track meetings against sales numbers by month, quarter and year.

E-mobility Asset Management System

An East African e-mobility company required a way to keep track of lanterns rented out to fishermen in Kenya as they went to fish at night. We created the IoT software to integrate with the lanterns, so they could keep track of payments made. We also linked this to M-Pesa payment, enabling their clients to make payments even when they didn’t have smartphones. This reduced the wait time for lanterns from 30 minutes to 4 minutes, increasing both sales and customer satisfaction.

What we'll do for you


We create full-stack web and mobile applications designed according to the best UI/UX practices.

Abiding by the principle of least privilege, we ensure that each user only has the permissions they need to carry out their tasks.


As digital transformation specialists, we understand not just the software We develop, but how it fits in with the applications you already use.

Our deployment process involves zero business disruption where possible, and 24/7 support to address challenges as they arise.

Support your team

We offer in-depth, specialised training to both administrators and general users.

The training sessions are practical and scenario-based, ensuring that once the users are done with the training, they are fully equipped to maximize their productivity using the software.

Thinking about creating an application?

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